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Sapphire Business Development, Inc operates and manages CG Bookkeeping, Small Business Growth Fund, and Sam Horn - Intrigue Agency.

Sapphire Business Development, Inc

An S-Corp with Christina Grimm as CEO. Get more information about the services and pricing here.

CG Bookkeeping

CG Bookkeeping was originally started by Cheri Grimm in 1996. Christina is now owner of the sole proprietorship.

Small Business Growth Fund

A non-profit 501c3 with Cheri Grimm as Director and Christina Grimm as Treasurer. For more information and to apply for funding go here.

Small Business Growth Fund

Sam Horn - Intrigue Agency

Sam Horn is a world-renowned author, keynote speaker, communications strategist, and executive coach. She has written 10 books and has online courses here.

Sam Horn Intrigue Agency
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